What Is A Point Of Sale System? A Brief Introductive Guide

by Priya Negi

A POS device is a must for new and growing retail businesses. It’s one of the cornerstones of your company infrastructure, it’s what keeps your doors open and customers flowing in and out. If you are currently operating without a POS system, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to finance shortfalls, inefficient stock control, mistakes in customer orders, and lost employee hours.

What is a mobile POS system?

A mobile POS system is a cloud-based program that allows businesses to access their point of sale (POS) systems from any Internet-enabled device—including smartphones and tablets—from anywhere in the world. Because it’s cloud-based, a retailer’s POS system can be accessed from an unlimited number of devices.

What is a POS transaction?

A POS (Point of Sale) transaction, also known as a payment transaction, is the moment when a transaction is finalized or the moment when a customer tenders payment in exchange for goods  and services. Any form of payment can be used, such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, mobile payments and even accumulated loyalty points.

POS device key features

  • Omnichannel capabilities

Omnichannel capabilities bring a tremendous advantage to retailers who want to stay ahead of the competition. By creating seamless integration between your store and online channels, you can give customers what they’re looking for no matter where they are. And with PoS integrations, you have the ability to instantly change prices and product availability as necessary without having to make additional changes or alerting employees—all while making it easier for your customers to order products online with just a few clicks.

  • Integrated payment processing

Our mobile POS device has been rigorously tested for payment processing and meets the highest security standards. From start to finish, it integrates seamlessly with your current point-of-sale equipment and processes transactions through our secure payment gateway. Plus, your employees can accept payments right from the pocket POS app on their smartphones, meaning they’ll never leave the store without ringing up a sale

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