Want to Get Rid of Unwanted Belly Fat? Try Fat Burning Yoga Poses

by Jatinder Singh
fat burning yoga poses

Yoga is a great way for you to not just develop flexibility but also connect with the higher dimensions of life. It is more of an aerobic workout if done at a moderate speed under the careful eye of a trained yoga teacher. Moreover, yoga does have a major advantage over other forms of exercise; it reduces stress not just from your body, but also from the mind.

Did you know that stress is a major factor behind unwanted weight gain? Practicing fat burning yoga poses helps you rejuvenate your body and mind. The reason yoga helps you lose those extra pounds is it unites your mind, body, and spirit which eliminates stress from your life. First, let us understand a bit as to what exactly causes unwanted fat.

Reasons for Unwanted Fat

There are many reasons for unnecessary belly fat. This can include consumption of unhealthy food, a higher stress level, poor sleeping schedule, and a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, having unnecessary fat makes your body vulnerable to a plethora of health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis among others.

You can enroll in a reputed Yoga fitness center in India to learn the natural art of yoga and get rid of the unnecessary fat around the belly. Yoga reduces the subcutaneous and visceral fat in your body.

With that said, there are some yoga techniques and asana that help you get rid of the belly fat. Let us find out what these are.

Yoga Techniques and Asanas for Weight Loss

Given below are three yoga techniques and asanas to help you lose weight.

1. Pranayama

Regular practice of Pranayama breathing technique reduces stress which also lowers the Cortisol levels that is responsible for unnecessary weight gain. Moreover, deeper breathing provides you improved heart function and digestion both of which are important for a good metabolism rate. In short, improved metabolism rate helps burn more calories and store less fat in your body.

2. Sattvik Diet

Although it might not be possible for you to consume a 100% Sattvik diet you should consume freshly cooked food. Refrain from consuming white sugar, white flour, and packaged food items as these only add unhealthy fat to your body.

3. Meditation

Similar to Pranayama, meditation helps reduce stress and provides rest to your body and mind. A steady mind gives you the willpower to develop healthy eating habits and follow through to the end.

With that said, let us now pay attention to the three fat burning yoga poses to lose that unhealthy fat.

1. Tad Asana

Perhaps the simplest of all yoga poses to burn fat is Tadasana, also known as Mountain Pose. This yoga asana stretches and lifts your body upwards which improves blood circulation and prepares your body for further yoga practice.

2. Pawanmukht Asana

Two reasons behind you having unnecessary belly fat is indigestion and gas problems. The Pawanmukhtasana is the best yoga pose to get relief from gas and improve digestion. It does wonders when it comes to burning fat in the abdominal area.

3. Bhujang Asana

Bhujang asana is a backward bending fat burning yoga poses that provide a good stretch to your belly. This yoga asana not just reduces fat from the belly but also strengthens your back muscles.


Unnecessary fat around your belly area gives birth to many serious health issues like diabetes, heart problems, and even cancer. However, practicing the above-mentioned fat burning yoga poses and techniques can help you get rid of the potbelly.

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