Types of health insurance

By | June 8, 2021


  • Health Care Insurance: It is a health care insurance, through services arranged by the Companies, that is adapted to the needs of each one and that guarantees the coverage of consultation, hospitalization and diagnostic services
    Within the product categories described previously, we can establish new classifications:

    • According to the level of coverage:
      • Modular insurance : They allow, according to the needs of the insured, to contract the coverage by modules: Medical assistance: only hospital, only specialized assistance (exclusion of primary medicine), only Primary assistance (family doctor and ATS) …
      • Comprehensive insurance: These health insurance in its comprehensive modality usually cover medical assistance for both emergencies and primary care, specialists, diagnostic means, therapeutic treatments, hospitalization as well as other benefits or services.
    • Participation of the insured in the cost of the service
      • Co- pay insurance: The insured pays an amount agreed in the contract according to the medical act to which they are subjected.
      • Insurance without copayment : The insurer takes care of all health expenses.
  • Expense reimbursement insurance. It is a health care insurance by which the Insurer guarantees the return of a percentage of the expenses paid by the Insured, as a result of illness or accident, and that are necessary for their restoration for the concepts, percentages and limits of compensation that are agreed.


  • Individual policies: these are policies that are contracted by the insured individually as natural persons, for themselves and their family unit.
  • Collective Policies : They are contracted by Self-Employed and Companies.

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