Tips on Moving to Australia from Malaysia

By | March 5, 2021

Moving to Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tedious and overwhelming. There is much stuff to do and a vast number of precautions to take. However, as international moving companies in Malaysia, we have handled moving arrangements for hundreds of clients during these trying times. So, we want to help you make your move to Australia as hassle-free as possible.

In this guide, we want to talk about the most vital tips for moving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Ensure That Your Move Is ‘Essential’

Australia has stringent policies which have further increased due to the coronavirus. Many parts of Australia also remain closed, mainly regarding ‘non-essential businesses.’ So it would help if you had a clear idea of what to expect when you reach your destination. Seek specific information about your destination state; especially lock-down regulations in place. Luckily, reputable moving and storage companies can provide this vital information.

2. Be Flexible

Flights get canceled, rescheduled, or delayed due to restrictions. Therefore, you need to be flexible and prepared for whatever happens. For instance, we recommend having at least one or two weeks of clothes and other essential itemswith you while the rest of your belongings are on their way to Australia. Also aim to arrive as early as possible. This prepares you for quarantine, cancellations, and reschedules.

3. Carefully Select Your Moving Company

While facing tedious processes on arrival, ensure that your belongings are handled by the best international moving companies Singapore. The best moving and storage companies have stringent hygiene practices and maintain physical distancing rules. You may find this information on their website or by contacting them to share your concerns.

You can focus on staying safe with the right moving team while your precious items will be shipped without hassles.

4. Get A Virtual Movers Quote

International moving quotes in Malaysia is different for everyone. It will depend on your final destination and belongings. However, in COVID-19 times, you will have to make do with working with an estimator via a virtual survey from the comfort of your home. This will involve going into every room, closet, cabinet, etc. Your estimator may also need you to measure items for accuracy, so have a tape measure on hand. You can again ask for multiple international moving quotes to make comparisons and choose right.

5. Get Your Legalities Right

 As said earlier, Australia has strict immigration laws and regulations. Be sure to have all the visas and documents required for your travel. You can talk to your local consular service to help you. While asking for your international moving quotes in Malaysia, you can also ask your moving specialists to provide vital insights on customs, baggage policies, and quarantine.

6. Check Your Health Status

Before you can travel to Australia, you must complete and present an Australian Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before boarding your flight. For the form, you will also require information from your doctor about your health status. Your health status highlights how vulnerable you are to coronavirus complications. Talk to your doctor about the process. You may also need to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 (PCR) test, alongside your visa and passport, at your airline before checking in for your flight at the departure point.

7. Stay Updated On Australia’s COVID-19 Rules

At this time, every arrival in Australia leads to 14 days quarantine. Even if you’ve been given a COVID-19 vaccine, you will still have to quarantine. Quarantine requires paying for 14 days of hotel expenses out of your pocket. If you have pets, you might also pay as high as $3,000 (AUD) to relocate your pets. Regardless not all travelers are currently allowed into Australia from Malaysia. Most moving and storage companies will provide the information. You can also reach out to your international moving companies in Malaysia from time to time to ask questions about your intending move.

8. Clean And Dis-Infect Before And After Moving

While de-cluttering, organizing, and packing your items, be sure to disinfect every item. You can look up CDC’s general recommendations for routine cleaning and disinfecting households to guide you. You should also wear protective wear and rubber gloves while cleaning and sanitizing and open the doors and windows for fresh air.

Aim to pack everything entirely at least 24 hours before moving day. When the movers arrive, stay as far away as possible and refrain from helping. You should also wear protective masks and gloves throughout the entire process. You will also have to clean and disinfect your new home, alongside your furniture and belongings when unpacking.

When you work with the best international moving companies in Malaysia, you can expect efficiency and excellent service to effectively carry out your dream move even in these trying times.

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