This is the 9 best tool reviews blogs

By | September 24, 2021

1. ToolGuyd

ToolGuyd is an online blog that features new tool previews and reviews, as well as tool guides, DIY projects, and other information. Stuart Deutsch, a master’s degree holder in engineering and materials science, founded ToolGuyd in 2008. ToolGuyd doesn’t accept paid-placements. They will only review tools that they find interesting so you can trust their reviews.

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General Tool Reviews by ToolGuyd, Laser Tape Measure. Express Ratcheting Screwdrivers. Cordless Precision Screwdriver. Palmscope Digital Borescope.

2. The Professional Power Tool Guide

The Professional Power Tool Guide, also known as Tools in Action, features the most recent tool news, reviews and giveaways. You can also find great deals on air compressors and sanders in their tool deals section. They also have a forum. Tools in Action is not only a place to share advice and review tools but also features a Lunch Break section that contains entertaining videos and a Man Stuff section that includes reviews of products like portable gas grills and beer chillers for men.

3. Pro Tool Reviews

Pro Tool Reviews is not a blog but an online magazine. It has posted reviews and news about tools since 2008, when it was founded. Pro Tool Reviews is written and edited by professionals such as electricians, plumbers and HVAC techs. It is not for the DIYer. Their tagline is clear: Professional tool reviews written for professionals. Pro Tool Reviews is the name of their blog. This blog has professional-grade reviews from working tradesmen.

4. Home Construction and Improvement

Todd Fratzel, a full-time custom home builder, created Home Construction and Improvement. Home Construction and Improvement offers homeowners and DIY’ers reliable, accurate information. The site offers expert advice as well as product reviews and sponsored projects. This blog is great for finding the right tools to help you with your home improvement projects.

5. Toolbox Buzz

Toolbox Buzz is another project by Todd Fratzel, a custom home builder. Toolbox Buzz is a site for serious tool enthusiasts. It features reviews on everything from power tools to garden and lawn tools, and everything in between. Toolbox Buzz is an excellent site for finding the most recent tool reviews.

6. A Concord Carpenter

Rob Robillard is a Concord Carpenter, a general contractor and carpenter. He also owns a Concord remodeling and carpentry business. Rob’s blog covers all aspects of remodeling, home improvement, and woodworking. Rob is known for his ability to solve problems in remodeling and home maintenance projects, as well as his tool reviews. Concord Carpenter believes that “well done is better” than “well said.”

7. Real Tool Review

Real Tool Reviews is one of the most recent blogs on this list. It was originally started in 2014 as a YouTube channel. Real Tool Reviews covers all types of tools, including automotive, construction, DIY, and many more. Real Tool Review is likely to have reviewed any type of tool. Real Tool Reviews is the fastest-growing YouTube channel for tool reviews and the most visited tool review channel on Instagram. You can also find tools made in America on the site and get giveaways.

8. Workshop Addict

Workshop Addict is a forum dedicated to tool lovers. It features a blog with excellent tool reviews, guides and comparison articles that will help you choose the right tools for your job. Workshop Addict’s forums cover a range of topics, including tool reviews and welding and metalworking. There is something for everyone on

9. Home Fixed

Home Fixated is a blog that reviews, updates and gives tips in a funny tone. Home Fixated is a blog that focuses on the owners of their favorite power tools. It also features monthly “bribes”, which include prizes and tools for free. Home Fixated strives to be the best resource for home improvements, amazing tools, and innovative products. Home Fixated is a great place to find humor if you enjoy the humor of Adam Carolla!

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