10 Things You Might Not Know About SMILE

People who wear glasses always want to get rid of them after a certain point in time. There are plenty of reasons why you might have to wear glasses. However, be it myopia or astigmatism, SMILE is a surgical method that can help you say goodbye to glasses.


It is a short laser procedure that can make you free from contact lenses and glasses. This surgical method is one of the safe and advanced eye surgeries that are available today. SMILE is somewhat similar to Lasik eye surgery. It helps in correcting your refractive vision. However, unlike Lasik, SMILE does not require creating a corneal flap. The SMILE eye surgery cost generally differs according to the severity of the issues. Other factors may affect the cost.


Quick Things You Need To Know About SMILE!

There are a bunch of things you need to learn before opting for SMILE. It is important to remain completely aware of what to expect from SMILE and know if it is meant for you or not:


#1 SMILE Is Not New

For those who think SMILE is a new surgical method, it is a decade old procedure that has been advanced over the years. SMILE is also under further development.


#2 Less Invasive and Strengthens Cornea

SMILE is not only a safe surgical process but also helps in strengthening your cornea. It makes a small incision, unlike the Lasik.


#3 Cuts a Few Corneal Nerves

Both Lasik and SMILE involves cutting the corneal nerves, but SMILE makes a fewer cut compared to the Lasik. It reduces the chances of dry eyes.


#4 SMILE Is Accurate

You don’t have to worry about the results; SMILE is as accurate as Lasik. SMILE can better your vision and improve your eye health.


#5 Don’t Need To Be Nervous.

SMILE may exert pressure on your eyelid, but you don’t need to be nervous about this procedure. The process will be quick and pain-free.


#6 Quite and Odourless

There will be no buzzing sound of lasers in the SMILE and no disturbing odor that can make you uncomfortable during the surgery.


#7 Blade-Free

SMILE does not use any blades that can make the procedure complicated and invasive. Modern technologies have made SMILE a blade-free process.


#8 Longer Recovery

Compared to Lasik, SMILE has a longer recovery period. It will hardly take a month or so to recover from the Lasik surgery. But in SMILE, you may have to wait for a lot while.


#9 Not For Long Sighted People

SMILE can never treat long-sightedness; it is meant for short-sightedness and other minor eye issues.


#10 Idea For Sports People

The major advantage of SMILE over Lasik is that it can resist eye trauma. Flap problems are common in Lasik, but not in SMILE.


The Bottom Line

SMILE is a safe and advanced surgical method that is quite similar to Lasik. It can improve your vision by correcting the refractive vision. You must understand what to expect from the surgery to get the most of it. The above mentioned were quite a few aspects of SMILE that you might not know.

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