8 Things You Deserve in a Relationship

by aarti kumari
Things You Deserve in a Relationship

Things You Deserve in a Relationship- So for decades, we have been told that men love the hunt. They like to pursue the woman they like and be the “predator” of the romantic relationship.

The women, therefore, had to dress up and wait for these gentlemen to decide to approach them. But recently things seem to have changed a lot.

Have you noticed that we live in a world where the tables are turned?

Indeed, men have become more and more passive. They are only interested in children’s games while we women strive to keep the spark alive.

Women have become pursuers, initiators, restorers, and lovers. And all at the same time.

We women often do everything in our power to meet the needs of selfish men without even questioning that behavior.

We do this because we are too compassionate and too sensitive to the pain and distress of others.

And that’s where we find out we’ve gone too far. We neglect ourselves and completely forget our own needs and wants.

This is when we realize that we should be receiving the same treatment in return. Without begging or asking for the things we really deserve.

We have forgotten that it is we who must be prosecuted and not the other way around.

And we’ve turned a blind eye to the fact that it’s neither normal nor fit for a lady to beg a man for something that should be the norm.

We have let go of self-esteem and respect by tolerating the shitty behavior of others.

With that in mind, do yourself a favor and never beg a man for the following 8 things because you really deserve them.

1. Make you his priority

You should never stoop to offering your body and soul to a man who does not have the decency to choose you and make you his priority.

And you should never beg such a man to change or start treating you the way you deserve.

If he’s not ready to make you his priority and show you how much you mean to him, that means he’s not ready to be with you.

And you have more important things to do in life than dealing with immature boys who still have things to learn.

2. Be faithful

For a man who genuinely cares about your feelings, loyalty will never be in question.

Being faithful will come naturally to a man who loves you with his whole being. Loyalty has become an expensive gift in today’s modern world and you should never expect such a gift from people who don’t value you.

To be more precise, you should never beg low-level people to give you something so valuable because they just can’t do it.

3. Respect

First of all: never, never beg a man to treat you with respect! Why?

Because by tolerating his shitty behavior, you let him know that you are okay with him not treating you well and only showing up when it suits him.

You deserve to be respected for who you are and because your opinion matters! In short, you deserve to be treated the same way you treat others.

4. Honesty

Just like loyalty, honesty is another costly gift that should never be expected from lowly people.

Never expect a selfish, egotistical, and inherently toxic man to be honest with you.

Never apologize to such a man because if he really cared about you, he would be sure to show it to you.

5. The efforts

Real men don’t apologize for being too busy putting in the effort instead.

Only real men know that making a woman feel special is the secret to happiness. Small romantic gestures or gifts on special days like valentine’s day and sweet words are very important.

And if he’s not ready to lift a finger to make you feel respected, valued, loved, and secure (without you telling him to) then you know he doesn’t deserve anything from you.

6. Attention

When you come home from work or when something terrible happens, you should never have to beg a man to listen to you if he isn’t interested in the idea himself.

He should be ready to listen to you carefully when you are upset, excited, sad, or happy. And if he’s not, you know he’s a lost cause for you.

7. Compliments

A real man pays attention to detail. And he strives to praise all the big and small changes in his wife.

A real man gives a meaningful and heartwarming compliment. Why? Because he knows how important he is to the woman he loves and always tries to keep the relationship romantic.

That is why you should never beg a man to do such a thing.

If he’s not interested in being your biggest support and being a part of your life, you’re better off without him anyway.

8. No longer having contact with your ex

If your partner has chosen to get into a relationship with you but you see that he’s still not ready to let go of his past and keep his ex out of his life, you know you deserve better.

You know you shouldn’t wait for a second longer to let him disrespect you. And make you feel less worthy because it’s not the kind of relationship you want.

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