What Are The Thermal Machining Management System?

By | February 2, 2021

The structural shapes of machine parts are composed of some of the most basic geometric surfaces. The Thermal Machining Management System process of machine parts is the process of obtaining these geometric surfaces. A variety of different CNC machining methods can be used for the same surface, but the processing quality, processing time, and cost obtained by each processing method are different. The task of engineering and technical personnel is to choose the most appropriate processing method according to the specific processing conditions to ensure that the machine parts meet the requirements of the drawing.


When selecting a processing method, generally, first according to the technical requirements of the main surface of the part and the specific conditions of the factory, first select its final process processing method, and then select the processing method of the previous process on the surface one by one. The processed surface of a part has certain machining requirements. Generally, it is impossible to meet the requirements through one process, but it must be achieved through multiple processes (that is, multiple processes).


Arrangement of Thermal Machining Management System!


In order to improve the cutting performance of the workpiece machining material, heat treatment procedures, such as annealing, normalizing, and quenching, and tempering, should be performed before cutting.


In order to eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, heat treatment procedures, such as artificial aging, annealing, etc., are preferably arranged after the roughing stage.


Heat treatment procedures to improve the mechanical properties of workpiece materials, such as quenching, carburizing, and quenching, are generally arranged between semi-finishing and finishing.


The heat treatment process arranged to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece surface and the heat treatment process arranged for the purpose of decoration, such as chrome plating, galvanizing, and bluening, are generally arranged at the last stage of the process.


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