Ten Important Things You Must Know About Electric Meter Box

by Hardik Patel

An electric meter is an appliance that estimates the usage of electricity consumed by your household as it transmits into your home. Generally, after it is purchased from the Meter Box Manufacturers, it is installed at the point by the public service corporation where the electricity lines enter your home.

For instance, like the mileage shown in your car that displays you the entire distance traveled, the electric meter shows the entire amount of electricity consumed since it was set and worked consistently. While with the existence of different types of meters, they all work similarly and contain the exact essential components

  • A distinctive meter number that is utilized to determine your usage
  • A display of total electricity consumption.

Where to find the meter number on my electricity meter?

You will discover the meter number in the front position of your electricity meter. However, on a digital meter, the meter number is discovered beneath the consumption screen.

How do electromechanical meters operate?

Following are the components that electromechanical meters possess:

  • Register
  • A glass or plastic cover. The cover is closed to minimize the chances that it can be impaired or tampered with
  • Electric meter number illustration of the meter
  • Nameplate
  • A disk that turns as electricity is consumed.
  • The unique number for the specific meter
  • Dials that displays the total amount of electricity used

How do automatic smart meters operate?

Smart meters or automatic meters operate similarly to standard electromechanical meters, but they also constitute a communication chip and a battery. Therefore, this communication chip transmits meter reading details by radio signal to a cell phone collector. This meter reading detail is transmitted to the electricity public service corporation multiple times, supporting cellular networks, radiofrequency, or power lines. The public service corporation transmits customer’s electricity usage details to their energy provider for billing.

Why opt for a smart electric meter?

There are reasons why opting for a smart meter is a good choice. A smart meter permits your energy supplier to define your electricity usage and when you consume it. On the other hand, a standard AMR (automatic meter reading) tracks your electricity consumption, against which your public service corporation company applies an average cost of the last month to determine your electricity bill.

However, electricity costs differ throughout the day, getting high in times of increased demand and during low demands, falling extensively, that is, during the night. So, using a smart meter has the merit of average blanket price versus energy usage accuracy.

Due to electricity markets becoming unregulated, industries have begun searching for ideal ways to cost the electricity they offer to charge clients for the electricity they consume when they use it. In addition to that, gas and electricity industries see them as the profit to save labor and operating costs because of the read remotely feature in the smart meters. Whereas smart metes do not, in themselves, comprise a smart grid, they form a structural part of one.

Who typically owns the electric meter?

Once the meter box manufacturers fabricate the electric meter, your public service corporation further owns your home’s meter. They are responsible for reading, maintaining, and installing your electric meter. Your electric meter is secured, and meddling with it is an outlawed crime, i.e., extremely dangerous.

How to take an electric meter reading?

If you got a smart meter, your details are sent straight to your public service corporation, so you don’t have to take your meter reading technically. Therefore, electricity suppliers or public service corporation companies allow many users to access their information gathered by smart meters. So you can easily reach out to your public service corporation or supplier to get online access to your information and know your electricity usage habits.

How to take an electromechanical meter reading?

Electromechanical meters show the consumption of electricity on a dials series. You have to look at the numbers from left to right to take your reading, round to the lowest number when it is between two numbers, or read the number when the dial is straightly on the number.

How to take a smart meter reading?

Getting a smart meter reading is even more manageable as the LCD screen will show the total kWh consumption as it changes.

How come I identify that my electric meter is accurate?

All meter models and types are demonstrated considerably by your public service corporation before deploying for wide usage by our community peoples. Smart meters have a lifetime of 15-20 years, and electromechanical meters have a lifetime of about 30 years. But consequently, they are required to be serviced before they are ultimately replaced. Therefore, your public-service corporation also responsible for servicing and maintaining your electricity meter.

Who do I contact if my electric meter fails to work?

Your public service corporation owns your electric meter, and to maintain it, it’s your responsibility. If you think your electric meter is not working, contact your public-service corporation’s customer service number to find out more.

To meddle with an electric meter by slowing or stopping?

To meddle with your electric meter is a crime and can ultimately be dangerous. If you try to stop or slow your electric meter, your electricity connection may get disconnected. Also, you will charge extra penalties as an offense for tampering.

When I move, what happens to my electric motor?

Therefore, irrespective of if you move or not, the electricity meter on your home remains the same. However, it would help if you notify your Meter Box Manufacturers in advance before making any move. With this, electricity corporation labor will come to your place to take your final meter reading.

What happens to the electric meter if I redirect energy providers?

Your public service consumption remains precisely the same even if you redirect providers. No issues will occur to your meter if you choose to change energy suppliers. Your energy supply should not interfere when you make the switch.


In the above discussion, all the crucial things about the electric meter box need to be remembered by the customers are discussed. After purchasing from Meter Box Manufacturers, all the information, how to install it, and how public service corporation maintains it is shared in the post.

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