Style Yourself and Your Friends like Gossip Girl for your Wedding

by lokesh kumar
Style Yourself and Your Friends

Style Yourself and Your Friends for your Wedding


Let’s start to know Style Yourself and Your Friends like Gossip Girl for your Wedding. From Blair Waldorf to Serena in Gossip Girls, Australians know of their presence in international movies, a few months ago, the most keenly followed brides have been championing vintage jewellery styles. Therefore, Wedding styles throughout the seasons have been all about reviving the olden day vintages.

The show is filled with the gossip filled lives of Blair and Serena and beaus, and how they go on in their day to day lives filled with luxury, drama, love and of course, weddings! In the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, Blair is all set to marry her love, and this has been the dream of so many women who are a fan of the show. Moreover, Here are some style tips from Gossip Girl that can make your wedding even more wonderful.

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Wedding Jewellery for the Best Wedding Event

  • The Vera Wang Wedding dress

You cannot get over a beautiful dress like Vera Wang’s that Blair wears on her wedding day. It has the beautiful tulle down look to it, and the wedding jewellery she adorns are very simple and she looks absolutely stunning with the frills all around her. She looks wonderful and has a short touch to it and looks extremely cute. The A-Line dress is something you would also want for your wedding, which is the classic and traditional wedding dress look. If you love Gossip Girl, this is something that you will love as well.

Style Yourself and Your Friends

  • Serena’s Blush Pink Maid of Honor Dress

Serena, throughout the show, is known for doing things differently. For her real life wedding, the actress Blake Lively chose to go vintage with a little difference. It was refreshing to see the style icon pay homage to the classic royal style maid of honor dress that is rare and exquisite. Her minimalist necklace,  silver or gold wedding ring  which had tiny cluster pearls and rubies, was exquisite and has been topping all bridesmaids shopping for jewels for a while now.

Teaming with along the beautiful necklace with a simple head gear with a beautiful net touch, and you will look ready for the ballroom. You can also choose a more opulent all-gold look. Church jewellery is bold, regal and artistic and as the name says, meant to make you look like a goddess. The hand-crafted detailing of such jewellery with the lustra of gold makes for a winning combination.

  • Victorian Cocktail Jewellery

Pre and post wedding functions call for jewellery which is all about glitz and glam. Glittering stones like champagne and pastel shades from classic Victorian designs are must-haves for all of these events. Heirloom pieces in heritage cuts, such as baguette, square, oval, and teardrop are all beautiful. They make themselves beautifully to sheer, layered soft hued gowns, and well-tailored outfits. Thus, Take a hint from the celebrity brides who have paired classic sets, such as statement rings and chokers and with their shimmery party wear. Style Yourself and Your Friends like Gossip Girl for your Wedding.

  • Mauve, Pastel, Ombre, Sequined and other sorts of Wedding Pieces

Several looks throughout the show have been put up by all the characters. The beautiful head gears by Blair throughout the show along with her gloves look like an extremely beautiful masterpiece set with an affordable wedding band ring . A look like this can be adorned by any of the guests in the wedding, which can be coupled with the open back dresses that both Blair and Serena wear in the show.

A stylish kitten heel or platform heels would be the best to wear under such a wedding scene, and would look great on anyone who wants to be the centre of attraction. However, do not forget to let the bride take over maybe eleven suggesting you the perfect wedding band for men   because it is after all her day! Style Yourself and Your Friends like Gossip Girl for your Wedding.

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