Six Steps For Taking Business IGCSE Notes

by Rameez Adil
Learners Academy

Taking notes is good or you can say without taking notes it will be very difficult for students to pass exams with good grades. It is important for other people also. They need to keep notes for important work or tasks. Note-taking means you will note down important points on a piece of paper with a pen and whenever you look at these notes you will refresh it in your mind. Like someone is a doctor and during duty, something important came into the mind. Instead of just keeping it in mind, write it on a piece of page and keep it in your pocket. So, later when you see that note,  you will remember and will be able to perform that particular task accordingly. Even this gives you a big relief. 

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 Taking notes is the essential element for students during studies. Throughout the academic year students, keep writing and work harder for preparing notes. Some can make very good notes but the rest only note down important points.

Due to Covid-19 mostly classes shifted online. Even IGCSE classes also transfer online. This becomes a huge challenge for students who are studying online. In that perspective during studies students need good comprehension and writing skills. Here you will get a few points for taking good notes while studying online.


Excellent Tips for taking notes during online Courses.  

Multi-tasking distracts you and it is very difficult to keep an eye on both. Studying online and taking notes side by side is a very challenging task for students. But it varies from student to student. Some of them take notes in a notebook, some take notes on laptops, some students just underline important points from the lesson during an online class. While studying online, doing both tasks on the laptop is very time-consuming and hard. Especially if you are using your laptop or computer screen for the same purpose.

Instead of feeling hard or worried, It should be a simple and easy task. After attending online class, students revise from the notes what they learned during the class. Following these tips for note-taking can make it like a piece of cake for students.


  1. Handwritten notes

During the online class, handwritten notes are very convenient for you. you can take the class plus note down important points in a notebook. After class, you can rewrite it on the laptop or keep it like this in your notebook for revision. This way can save you from so many hassles like rewinding or passing lecture videos. 

  1. Write less and understand more

Some students tend to write everything during a class. Scientifically, this will later spoil the learning abilities of the students. The majority of the notes are available to the students. So being a student, you should write fewer and very important points in an online class. Afterward, these notes strengthen your learning and understanding of the subject. Moreover, excessive or too much information can harm. It is better to have less but good material to revise later.


  1. Take notes after the gripping text.

Active reading is the main element during an online lecture and later taking notes. Instead of reading half and then making notes is not that effective. The best strategy is to read the whole text and compile eye-catching points. If anything you don’t understand, highlight it or write it down in the side column or read it after completing the whole text.


  1. Add Graphs or Diagrams

Learning through images gains deeper understanding rather than words.  During online classes, it is hard to find the right words.  At that stage add diagrams and other graphs and label them. If in the lecture you see any picture given by your teacher, try to download it. Later add it to your notes.   

  1. Use of latest software apps

Nowadays many good, free online apps and software available. You can take advantage of it. These can download, record and share all the information at any time and any place. A few very famous note-taking software are given below. 

  • One of the best software is Ever noted.  This software has many options for the students. This can be used in various systems like, “Windows, MAC, Android” etc.   
  • Another software is Microsoft OneNote. It is a very user-friendly program and you can get it free. This software is also available on phones. The main feature is that you can add and store data, transfer and record audio to others if needed.
  • Google note-taking program is another very effective way to save notes. This is in between Evernote and OneNote. It is also user-friendly and freely available.
  •  Another note-taking app is designed especially to serve this purpose. This app doesn’t have many advanced features as other apps. This software is good for beginners.
  1. Revise, revise and revise

 Revising notes is the last component for taking notes during your online classes. Being a student if you take notes online or download them or record them on the phone. In all situations revise it again. It is better to revise it on the same day as most of the information is still in your mind and you can check and match your notes in a better way. 


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