Rules for selling cars in Tennessee with salvage titles – Taxes – 2021

By | October 14, 2021

Vehicles with salvage titles are not legal on Tennessee roads. However, it is legal to sell cars in Tennessee that only have what is known as a salvage certificate. If the buyer and seller follow a few simple rules, as stipulated by the Tennessee Department of Revenue, the process can be legally carried out at the local county clerk’s office. For businesses that purchase salvage vehicles, the process is a bit more detailed.

Salvage certificates

According to the Tennessee Department of Revenue, a salvage vehicle owner under the age of 10 must submit the original title and a completed application for a Tennessee Salvage Certificate to the Department of Revenue. After the state processes the request, it is returned to the vehicle owner. If the owner decides to repair and resell the vehicle, a second application process must be completed. Information needed to apply for a Tennessee Salvage Certificate includes the Vehicle Identification Number, odometer reading, make, model and year of the vehicle.

Titration Procedure

A vehicle owner with a salvage certificate begins the process for reinstating a valid Tennessee title by completing an Application for Identification of Motor Vehicle and Vehicle Components. This document, along with the certificate of recovery, receipts for replacement parts, and color photographs of the vehicle are sent to the Tennessee Department of Revenue, along with a $ 75 fee as of 2011. Once State The salvage title is stamped, returned to the owner, who can then take the appropriate documents to the local county clerk’s office to obtain a vehicle title and registration in Tennessee.

Vehicle history

While an owner can repair or rebuild a salvage vehicle, the state of Tennessee will issue a title with only the pertinent information included. Thus, all potential future owners of the vehicle will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the vehicle. Tennessee law allows only towing companies to apply for titles to abandoned and unattended vehicles regardless of condition.

Parts and spare parts

If a person sells a vehicle with a salvage title to a junkyard or business that disassembles cars for parts, the business owner must keep clear and accurate records. For vehicles less than 10 years old, the seller and vehicle records must be kept for a minimum of three years. For older cars, the law requires that the seller’s personal information be recorded and maintained, but a title is not necessary and salvage vehicles can simply be transferred from one owner to another.

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