Renters Home Insurance: When to Hire One?

by Lisa Baker
My partner and I have just rented an apartment in Triana, Seville, and I have not been at all calm with the conditions that we the landlord has put: we pay the IBI and the garbage tax. He says that it is legal and that he did so with the previous tenants. Is he right? “. In our article I have installed a heat pump: can I claim the cost from my landlord? We explained how the expenses were shared between the tenant and the landlord in the case of renting a flat.
  • Specifically, the law says that the landlord is responsible for all those expenses that concern the infrastructure of the house and that allow it to be inhabited. They range from the IBI, the garbage tax or community expenses, to the replacement of vital appliances, or doors, windows, damp caused by other neighbors, etc.
  • As for the tenant, they are responsible for the expenses associated with the wear and tear of the house , such as light bulbs, damage that he himself causes in the furniture, the breakage of an appliance still in its useful life, humidity in the neighbors from leaving a tap open, burns on armchairs and sofas, etc. Now, although you can demand that the walls be painted when you enter the apartment, you will not be forced to leave them painted when you leave the farm, since the law understands its wear and tear from normal use of the house, not misuse.

The contract commands

Now, this is the case as long as tenants and owners do not agree on other responsibilities in the contract. According to the law, the contract always commands and the former only regulates what has not been clarified in the latter, so that it is often limited to ambiguous aspects, as was the one that the partner of the aforementioned article commented to us . Said partner asked us if he could claim from his landlord the costs of the heat pump that he had just installed, since the appliance was not listed as an initial endowment, but it provided a fundamental good, such as heating. Therefore, the answer to Mariola is that yes, the landlord can propose that the tenants take care of paying the IBI, the garbage tax or even the Home insurance , and the tenants can accept it or not; They are not considered abusive conditions, since there is free understanding and acceptance, at least as long as the law does not change. Another issue is that the landlord wants to endorse the tenants with expenses that are not within their competence , such as the repair of structural damage or property that will remain on the farm when they leave, such as taps, washing machines, refrigerators, heaters, boilers, etc. The law specifies that these are always the responsibility of the landlord unless there is a clear agreement.

Special renters insurance

But when it is us, being tenants, you want us to incur some damage to the farm or to the neighbors, as in the aforementioned case of causing floods by leaving a tap open , it will not be the landlord, nor his insurance, who must compensate the victims but the tenants. For this and other cases, it may be worth taking out renters home insurance, since it would cover the costs of an accident like this. Most companies have this modality. It is also useful in case we are victims of a robbery at home , because here also the home insurance will not cover us if we are not the owners; we will be left without any coverage. On the other hand, with a renters home insurance we can claim compensation for the theft. Another case where its convenience is demonstrated is if, when leaving an apartment, the landlord refuses to return the bonds that we give to start the rental contract: the insurance guarantees us legal assistance to claim through the friendly way as well as through the criminal one. Finally, imagine that a fire leaves the house temporarily uninhabitable; renters insurance usually undertakes to find temporary accommodation and cover its cost while we are unable to return. And it offers the same conditions in case the farm is declared uninhabitable due to structural problems.

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