Male tanning: tricks to show off your brunette

By | July 28, 2021

Many people take advantage of the arrival of spring break to make a brief visit to the beach and there are those who are lucky and come back showing off their tan. However, not everyone has that opportunity and it is not until late in the summer that they manage to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

This does not mean that we cannot have a fairly acceptable tan all year round. How? There are several techniques to preserve and care for the tone and also, some others to tan without having to go to the pool.


Exfoliating the skin is very important before starting any tanning process as it helps to remove dead cells that can dull the color. If you have a darker skin tone, it will be easier for you to ‘take color’ but remember that you always have to use sunscreen and especially protect your face from sun exposure.

For those who have lighter skin, it is advisable to use sun protection of more than 20 UVA and not stay more than 15 minutes in the sun. For the darkest, no more than 30 minutes. After sunbathing you have to continue taking care of your skin and for this it is very important to keep it hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying after sun lotion.

Follow these tips and show off your tan


Hydration is precisely the key to maintaining your tan in the long term and you have to try to hydrate yourself before and after sunbathing. The tan is lost because the skin defends itself from the “attack” of the sun by eliminating its effects and also creates a protective layer that prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating too much. What tanning creams do here is try to reduce this layer.

In addition to hydration, it is essential to know that nutrition is very important both to accelerate and to maintain the tan. The antioxidant foods and fruits and vegetables such as carrot or mango are full of vitamins that help keep the skin color.


You can always cheat and resort to self tanning. These cosmetics are very useful, especially to show off your tan on specific occasions, they do not stain once dry and there are also some that are moisturizing and others that even help to delay the aging of the skin. They are suitable for all skin types, but you have to know how to manage it so that it does not look bad.

First of all, remember that exfoliation is always useful when tanning. Then, in order to better spread the tanning cream, it is best to apply it in a circular way, following an order and, above all, be careful that there are no uncovered spaces of skin. We must avoid applying ankles, elbows and eyebrows . Then wait half an hour for it to dry and approximately two hours after application, you will begin to appreciate the result.

It is very important to wear approved glasses


More and more people are opting to attend UVA sessions for various reasons: from those who want to show off color at an event, those who want to keep their tan throughout the year and even those who want to show off their color in their first few beach days.

If you have very fair skin without pigments, like many blondes and redheads, many freckles, moles or spots on the skin, you should bet more on self-tanners than on UVA rays. On the other hand, for those who decide to try it is advisable to wear approved glasses, not to exceed 20 or 30 sessions per year, or to use cosmetics or perfume before the session. Here it is also advisable to hydrate before and after the sessions to maintain its effects.

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