Know How Panchkarma Helps Rid Your Body of Toxins

by Jatinder Singh

The word Panchkarma in Sanskrit refers to the five treatment that rid your body of all toxins accumulated due to poor diet and disease. Although your body has an in-built process for removing any waste. However, owing to poor dietary habits, and irregular exercise routine this system becomes ineffective at dealing with the toxins.

In such a scenario, there is an accumulation as well as spread of harmful toxins throughout your body which makes your body vulnerable to a host of diseases. You should book a yoga vacation in Rishikesh to rejuvenate your body and rid it of all toxins. There are different types of Panchkarma treatments you should know about.

First, let us understand a bit about the pre-Panchkarma process.

The Pre-Panchkarma Treatment

Pre-Panchkarma includes a process known as Oleation where specially formulated oils are used depending on whether you need an internal or external body treatment. These oils have medicinal properties that throw out the toxins present in your body tissues.

The second process in Pre-Panchkarma treatment is Formentation where you have to sweat and release the toxins located deep within your body.

Now, let us get down to understanding the different types of Panchkarma treatments you find at the best yoga retreat center.

5 Types of Panchkarma Treatments

Given below are the five types of Panchkarma treatments to rid your body of all toxins.

1. Vamana

This specific Panchkarma treatment includes external and internal Oleation and Formentation therapies. Both therapies continue for some days until the toxins in your body liquefy and come to the upper layer of your body.

Afterward, the treatment experts administer medicine to induce vomiting to help your body get rid of these toxins.

2. Nasya

Nasya therapy helps clear your head. The treatment begins with a light massage followed by formentation in your shoulders and head area. Nasal drops are given to clear your head and help you get rid of health problems like migraine, hair problem, and headache.

The nasal spray drops are basically medicated oil specially prepared to cleanse the body of toxins present in your neck and head area.

3. Raktamochana

The word Rakt in Sanskrit means blood. Raktamochana therapy helps clean your blood of all toxins. It takes care of health problems arising due to impure blood. The therapy is carried out on specific body parts and can also be done on your entire body. Raktamochana helps treat skin-related diseases like eczema and pigmentation.

4. Virechana

Virechana therapy in Panchkarma works on your body’s excretory process where you remove the toxins from your body via the bowels. This therapy uses formentation and oleation and is done using herbal laxatives to clean your bowels of all toxins. You should definitely book a yoga vacation in Rishikesh to reap the full benefits of Panchkarma therapy.

5. Basti

Basti is a unique treatment in Ayurveda. This therapy includes the administration of ghee, milk, and oil into the rectum. It helps keep the colon free of all toxins.


Panchkarma treatment is effective in ridding your body of all toxins and help correct the imbalance. You should look for the best yoga retreat center to reap the full benefits of this therapy and have a healthy and fit body.


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