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As some will recall, there has been a positive advancement according to charterers’ commitment to give counter-security to proprietors under statement 9 of ICA 2011 (London Intervention 18/18). Notwithstanding, the IG Gathering has now reacted to this improvement by encouraging their individuals to correct their ICA provision in their charter parties. The IG Gathering’s altered ICA statement appears to be beneficial to their part proprietors, however not to charterers. Charterers ought to subsequently not consequently concur on the terms proposed by proprietors and ought to, if conceivable, oppose the full joining of ICA 2011. Charterers should remember that not all renditions of the ICA are the equivalent and that the more seasoned forms may be more advantageous to them. 

The fundamentals of London Intervention 

The vessel was chartered by disponent proprietors to charterers on a NYPE 1946 structure with extra conditions. Statement 35 of the charter party read as follows: 

P&I Club/Freight Cases 

Risk for load claims, as among Charterers and Proprietors, will be distributed/settled as determined by the Interclub New York Produce Trade Arrangement compelling from 1996 and its ensuing corrections.” 

As examined in our Cases Administration Letter 6, condition 9 of ICA 2011 has the impact that on the off chance that one of the gatherings to the charter party needed to set up security for the first freight guarantee, this gathering is qualified for security from the other party based on correspondence. 

In the London intervention case a payload guarantee emerged at the release port and head proprietors set up security to the load side to maintain a strategic distance from capture of the vessel. Disponent proprietors gave counter-security to head proprietors deliberately and afterward looked for counter-security from charterers down the C/P chain on premise of condition 9 ICA 2011. Charterers’ P&I club dismissed this interest contending that there was no commitment to give counter-security by charterers on the grounds that the words utilized in statement 35 were incompetent to consolidate the full terms of ICA 2011 (counting proviso 9) into the Voyage Charter Party

The court concurred with charterers that as an issue of exacting development, statement 35 simply identified distribution and settlement of payload guarantees and did exclude the arrangement of security. It didn’t give any premise to applying condition 9 of ICA 2011 which managed security for cases and it didn’t join the full content of ICA 2011. 

From a charterers’ viewpoint this is obviously an inviting improvement. Clear and express phrasing is required to fuse the full terms of ICA 2011, including the commitment to give counter-security. Most normally utilized ICA statements do exclude such clear and express phrasing, which may likewise cause vulnerabilities. Slight contrasts in phrasings can essentially affect the translation so the phrasing of your charter gathering ought to consistently be checked cautiously. 

The IG Gathering’s suggested ICA statement 

As referenced, the IG Gathering has now reacted to this improvement by encouraging their individuals to alter their ICA statement in their charter parties. The revised proviso incorporates such phrasing to guarantee it envelops the solicitation for counter-security to be given by charterers: 

“Freight asserts as among Proprietors and the Charterers will be administered by, got, allocated and settled completely as per the arrangements of the Between Club New York Produce Trade Understanding 1996 (as revised 2011), or any resulting adjustment or substitution thereof. This provision will overshadow some other conditions in this charter party implying to join some other form of the Between Club New York Produce Trade Understanding into this charter party.” 


Albeit the London assertion grant isn’t legitimately authoritative Harbour Towage, it frames a positive improvement for charterers. Simultaneously it shows that alert ought to be practiced when gatherings wish to join the ICA system into their charter party and each gathering ought to painstakingly consider to which degree this component ought to be consolidated, especially concerning the arrangement of counter-security.

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