How to use Interesting Fabric Roll-On

by runbugz
mosquito repellent fabric roll on

Every parent wants to protect and protect their child from mosquitoes; When they are inside the house they do all to preserve them. They take special care before the baby goes to sleep to ensure that the child gets a sound sleep. Most parents are not aware that mosquitoes that cause dengue, chikungunya and other such diseases are most active during the day time.

Mostly all children stay outside during the day and hence RunBugz has launched a fabric roll-on that provides protection from mosquitoes. The product is easy to use but at times due to a busy daily schedule, you can often forget to do some important work. RunBugz wants you to be safe and secure from all mosquito-borne diseases.

Here is a list of things you can remember to use and how to use RunBugz Fabric Roll-On on easy ways:

Main Series & Main Holder:

Generally people have a key holding place with their car key or house keys which is near the door of the house. To ensure that you do not forget your keys before you move out of the house, similarly you can place the RunBugz fabric roll-on on a keychain and hang it on the key holder so that you can move before stepping outside. Remember to use it every time.

School bag and hand bag:

Children cannot go to school without their school bags and similarly mothers do not go home without their hand bags. To make sure every time you step outside, attach a RunBugz fabric roll-on to the bag to prevent mosquito protection, to ensure that you stay away from it and mosquito bites.

Hook it to the hanger of the school uniform:

A school uniform is usually washed, ironed and ready to be worn for your child. It is placed on a hanger to ensure that the uniform does not fall to the crease. To ensure that your child does not forget to use the RunBugz Fabric Roll-On, attach it to the hanger before he goes to school so that it can be applied after wearing the uniform.

Pram and plank:

When it comes to your babies, you can now protect them from mosquitoes without applying anything to them. All you have to do is place 4 dots of RunBugz Fabric Roll-On on their prams or planks, and this will help protect them from mosquitoes for up to 8 hours. To ensure that you do not forget to use it, you can also hang the bottle on the pram and cot.

Behind the main door:

If you have a hook behind your door, the best thing to do is to hang a RunBugz Fabric Roll-On over it so that you can see it before opening the door. This will help you remember to apply the product before stepping outside and to keep you safe from mosquitoes.

Place it on the dresser:

Sometimes the person uses the dresser while getting ready to go out. With your perfume / DO you should keep RunBugz fabric roll-on in your dresser so that you can make a point to use it before venturing outside.


If you do not want to apply RunBugz Fabric Roll-On to your clothes, apply it to the 4 corners of your bed and it will act like a mosquito net and let you sleep without any mess from mosquitoes.

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