How to Send Funny Greeting Cards

By | March 23, 2021

Making someone smile or laugh is one of the best ways to form deeper, meaningful connections to those around us. Humor is also a great way to cope with everything stressful that can be going on in our lives. By laughing with others, we aren’t only improving our health but also connecting better with our friends, families and loved ones. An easy way to make someone laugh or smile is by sending them a funny greeting card. Not only will they be smiling after they receive it, but they’ll always have the card to preserve the memory of that moment.

Choosing an appropriately funny card can be a little tricky, however. Not only do you have to find the best card through thousands of options, but you also need to choose the right brand of humor. And finally you need to add your own words to the mix by adding a small humorous note inside.

Maybe you don’t consider yourself particularly funny, maybe you have a problem when facing multiples choices, or maybe you aren’t sure as to what brand of humor would be the most appropriate one, the reality is that you can often be stumped when trying to send a humorous greeting card or card for your anniversary.

That’s why we have given you some tips on how to choose the best funny greeting card, and how to make the best use of it.

Funny is subjective

Humor can be very subjective. Every person has their own list of things that they do or don’t find funny. So the first thing to do before sending out a funny greeting card is to gauge the brand of humor of the person you’re going to send the greeting card to.  You don’t want to send someone a card that’s supposed to be funny but only makes them feel awkward or strange.

You particularly need to be careful if you are using some genres of humor like dark humor or rude banter humor. Not everyone might appreciate such jokes. And you don’t have the ability to explain in person immediately what they meant. Written words can’t always have all the nuances of speaking in person.

Write a Message

If you’re sending a greeting card, then it is absolutely important that you write a small note in it. No matter what kind of greeting card you’re sending and for what occasion, without a small meaningful and honest note inside, the greeting card just feels like a pithy piece of cardboard sent without honest intentions. That’s why you need to write a note.

When writing a note in a funny greeting card, again it has to be funny. If you don’t consider yourself of writing something funny then let the card do the comedy portion where you just highlight its humor instead. If you do try to write jokes, try being original and not using anything from the internet.

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