How to get in shape fastest and most effectively

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A standard body is the desire of many girls, it not only helps you to be more confident but also more attractive. With the following exercises, you will have a dreamlike body. So how to have the right shape? This is the question of many women.

Today we will help you realize your dream in just 30 minutes a day. Do you believe it? Really waiting for someone else to be beautiful and in good shape, and you? Please do it now ladies!

4 Exercises To Help You Get In A Dream Shape

A slim body must have an attractive bust. And has a slim waistline combined with around 3? Finally, the legs are long. These 4 factors are the most important thing to have right in shape, please perform the exercises below to improve your body right now. Follow the 4 exercises below to know how to “how to get in shape”.

Round 1 is full of charm

With a pair of toned, charming mountains is the dream of many people. But not everyone can own it. However, with only the following movement, you will have a dreamlike mountain duo.

Each hand holds a 500ml bottle of dirty water straight out in front of your chest and stretched out horizontally, then rotated 90 degrees to the right and then left. Do this movement on each side about 15 times / 1 time.

Practice this pose often and you will have an attractive round 1 right away.

Exercises with slim waistline

You want to have a slim and toned waistline, so simple with only 2 movements below you will have immediately. With only 2 movements 30 minutes every night, your waist “like ants” will easily be in your hands.

Step 1: Relax your leg muscles by jumping rope or walking in place for about 15 minutes. You can download pedometer apps to compare your daily pace.

Step 2: Lie down on the mattress or the floor with two parallel legs stretched straight up at an angle of 90 degrees compared to your part. Move up and then slowly lower, perform this movement continuously for about 20 times and then increase gradually for the next time.

With only 2 simple movements above, you can immediately own yourself a slim and toned waistline. What’s more, let’s practice now!

Already have a waist, round 3 must be round

Round 3 is the dream of many women. Wearing body-hugging outfits helps her feel more confident with a toned round. There are many people who want to go to the gym but don’t have time. With only 2 movements below, round 3 is a small thing.

Step 1: 2 hands-on-hips, legs close together, standing up and sitting down and breathing evenly. This action will affect the thighs and buttocks. It helps the thighs become slim and the round butt will no longer “sag”. Do the above movement about 25 times / 1 time.

After practicing step 1, refuel and rest for about 5 minutes to continue.

Step 2: Stand up straight, the left leg is kicked and in front and firmly behind your right leg to make the pillar firmly. After that, change the right leg to make 2 changes continuously from 25-28 times.

With these 2 exercises, round 3 will be enlarged, firmer, and possessing slim thighs.

Exercises to stretch long legs

To improve this problem, you should try 2 movements below to get longer legs every day.

Step 1: Stand up straight, two hands on the right hip and right leg to make the left leg straight out as far as possible (like a comba). Then switch legs, doing this will stretch the joints to perform continuously about 30 times (about 15 minutes).

Step 2: Or arms crossed in front of the chest, stand up straight, tiptoe up to the fullest extent (inhale) and then gently sit down (exhale). Do this about 30 times.

With these 4 exercises, you can change one exercise per day. Do it continuously for 1 month and you will feel your body will be changed each day.

Performing the exercises is not yet fully functional, you need to combine building a reasonable diet. Only then can the body fully respond to the nutrients and maintain the physique. And don’t worry about returning to obesity.

Principles of Eating

You should have a reasonable diet to supplement the nutrients for the body. With the combination of the diet with the above 4 exercises, you will surely slowly get the right body. You can refer to the Japanese diet to get more knowledge about building the most reasonable diet.

Add lots of green vegetables to the meal

This is the rule to lose belly fat quickly. Vegetables are a group of foods that contain a lot of calories and fiber. Eating plenty of vegetables will help you feel full for a long time and reduce your appetite.

Eating on schedule

Each meal should eat at the right time, if you fast for too long, you will have cravings and want to eat a lot. This will affect the elimination of your belly fat.

Each day is required to have 3 main meals and you can also add 2 extra meals. 2 side meals here as a dessert or little green vegetables to limit the cravings of the main meal.

Drink water 30 minutes before meals

Before 3 main meals, you should drink a lot of water with weight gain, not before about 30 minutes. Doing this continuously will help you lose a bit of fat each day.

This method is very suitable for those who do not like to diet. Drinking water like that helps us feel full for a longer time and limits food intake.

Limiting grease, fast food

This is a group of foods that contain a lot of unhealthy fats. Not only does it gain weight, but also causes heart problems. So you must minimize this food group.

Absolutely do not drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol will hinder your weight loss process and make you feel tired, instead of drinking plenty of water will help reduce weight loss. Drinking plenty of water regularly and maintaining your weight will quickly lose weight in a few weeks.

Use Belly Gen Pants To Get In Shape Fastest

With the above methods, you may take a long time to implement and need a certain amount of persistence. However, if you want to have a slim and beautiful body, an exercise in combination with diet is a must. But sometimes you need to get in shape quickly to dress up gorgeous and attend important events. And the abdominal genomes are the optimal solution to get back in shape quickly and slim down for you.

The corset genome is a temporary and quick solution to help you get in shape right away. There are many types of belly genomes currently on the market and you can choose one that is right for you. Belly pants will help you shape your waist to look better. Not only the abdominal genome can also help you shape and significantly reduce excess fat. If you want to have a good shape quickly, choose your belly pants right away


From the above article, do you know how to get in shape yet? Always be persistent in implementing the above 4 exercises and combine them with a reasonable diet. Only 1 month of persistent exercise ensures your body will start to get rid of unnecessary fat in the body. You will have a slim body, a model-like body.

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