How to eliminate rats?

By | September 25, 2021

The rodenticides are the strongest products to kill rats in a house as quickly and efficiently. The rodenticide is made from a cereal that rats can enchant, thus giving a hook look like a rat killer trap. In other words, rat killers are made up of some basic food for rats and a rodenticide.

Rodenticides should be placed in small amounts as rats consume only 10% of their total weight daily. That is, very little amount of food. Thus, it will be much easier for the rat to bite into the bait of the rat killer if it is something tiny and palatable to them. These animals will not eat a food again if they do not like it, even if they are really hungry.

Rat killers are toxic products so they are not compatible with pets or children and can cause many problems when using them at home.

Rat killers usually take about six to seven days to take effect. The reason is that if the rat is killed directly by ingesting the bait, other rats can identify the rat killer as the reason for death.

However, if rodenticides have never been used at home and it is not known for sure how to eliminate the plague, it is advisable to go to a cleaning company that specializes in pest control as it will be the simplest and most effective method.

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