How To Determine If A Rebuilt Title Car Is Right For You!

By | October 13, 2021

If you’ve found a car with a brand name that you’re seriously considering, pause for a moment; Take a deep breath. There are a few questions to ask yourself before committing to a salvage or rebuilt car.

  • “Can I see the receipts?” If the current owner is the one who repaired the car, ask for a detailed breakdown of the repairs to determine how thoroughly it was done and whether quality parts were used by qualified technicians.
  • “Where were the repairs completed?” Make sure the repairs have been carried out by a reputable workshop. If it was done by a backyard mechanic, you’re taking a chance.
  • “Have you secured it as a brand title?” You can get an idea of ​​whether a rebuilt car is insurable if the current owner was able to insure it. If they haven’t, it should send red flags.
  • “Was there any damage to the chassis or powertrain?” Two areas where people tend to cut corners on repairs are expensive: the frame, the engine, and the transmission. If these were affected in the accident, be very careful how you proceed.
  • “Have the repairs been estimated?” If you are thinking of buying a salvage car, determine if the seller has already estimated the repairs. If so, consider the possibility of additional costs for hidden damage as well.

If you received all the correct answers to these questions, we recommend asking a trusted mechanic to perform an inspection to determine how well the car was repaired or restored. The last thing you want is to end up with a lemon car. And don’t forget to take the car to various test drives to make sure it drives well, runs smoothly, and doesn’t make weird noises!

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