How can You get Insurance for Dental Treatment in India?

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Most health insurance companies in India do not provide health insurance plans that cover dental treatment, or any kind of corrective treatment within the bounds of dental care, such as acquiring different types of teeth braces. Many insurance companies argue that dental care falls under the purview of cosmetic procedures, and hence, no cover is available. Nonetheless, if a dental-related injury occurs due to an accident, then treatment in such cases will be covered under an insurance company’s accident policy.

With the awareness of healthcare in general, and the exposure to the fact that individuals must plan for eventualities, many people have started buying traditional health insurance policies of late. While policymakers state that dental insurance would have blurred lines regarding what it had to include under the umbrella of its cover, as cosmetic dentistry is a treatment that many opt for, people are slowly demanding dental procedures (directly related to health conditions) to be included in insurance plans. 

Dental Health in India

Research shows that most adults in India have poor oral health, as 9 out of 10 adults surveyed showed signs of this. Furthermore, people rely on self-medicating, while taking advice from pharmacists and druggists regarding their dental health. Most adults aren’t habituated to routine dental checks with their dentist, and don’t visit them for at least a year at a time, or only do if a major issue comes up. An urgent need for child dental care in India has made policy makers rethink the dire need for dental treatment. From teeth alignment issues that need different types of teeth braces to cavities and gum diseases, dental health is required for all segments of society, and expensive costs come in the way of effective treatment. 

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is offered by some companies, and cover is limited to dental procedures other than those of a cosmetic nature. Categories of procedures include diagnostic and preventive. Cavity filling, extraction of teeth, dentures, and root canal procedures are some treatments that dental insurance may cover. An insurance service platform, OCare was recently launched in India, to offer the country with its first dental insurance plan. Cover of 25,000 INR annually is offered per individual for existing conditions, as well as new ones.

In addition to this, the plan covers two dental routine checks per year, and offers the perk of a loyalty health card online is possible to obtain this insurance plan. Other famous companies in India now cover dental procedures as part of general health plans, or special dental packages. You can check out the following companies’ insurance plans and their benefits:

  • Bajaj Allianz Health Guard – Dental surgery is covered, but not dental treatment as caused by an accident or injury that requires hospitalization. 
  • BSLI Saral Plan – Dental procedures and check ups as part of outpatient treatment is covered.
  • HDFC ERGO Maxima – This plan is unique, in that it covers dental health care of all kinds, excluding any dental treatment warranted as a result of an accident. It also covers contact lens expenses and eye care. 
  • ICICI Prudential – Consultations and treatments to do with dentistry are covered by this plan.
  • LIC Health Protection – A plan that offers coverage to the entire family, this covers all sorts of dental procedures, and may include certain cosmetic procedures that have health benefits. 
  • SBI Life Smart Policy – Dental procedures are covered, excluding those needed as treatment from an accident. Consultation fees may not be covered under this plan. 

A Smart Way to Pay for Health Care

A good bet to look after all your health care needs is to go in for the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card, which offers smart payment options for a range of treatments, from dental care to cataract surgery, and even cosmetic surgery. You can divide your bills into diagnostic, pharmacy and hospitalization categories, and pay in easy EMIs with flexible tenors, ranging from 3 to 24 months. This gives you easy access to a wide range of treatments, all under a single payment tool.

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