Heritage Resort Coorg – Full Guide

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Breathe in the sweet-smelling traces of espresso bound air as you follow the winding streets, uncovering an alternate shade of green at each bend. Get ready to be entranced by the paddy fields, flung in the midst of a green background, profound gorges, falling cascades and the powerful River Kaveri. It’s important that the genuine allure of Coorg lies past the green floor coverings and the covers of thick, white fog.

Otherwise called the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg sure brags of sound slopes, bejeweled with a bounty of green. However, the stunning vistas and the crude magnificence can be followed to the historical backdrop of Kodagu. The local populace of Kodagu have had a critical influence in taking care of business their way of life without ruining the regular scene of Coorg. Having learnt and rehearsed horticulture, their communications with the climate around them, are deferential of its holiness. Brutal climatic conditions have extended the limits of their endurance and permitted them to adjust to the difficulties of the land. Be that as it may, never evolving it, simply existing together with it.

At the point when we stroll down the world of fond memories, and think about our own set of experiences, it’s as yet a can’t help thinking about the fact that we are so honored to make our little glimpse of heaven. Everything started with two trees, disregarding the immense valley – a skilled span of green as should be obvious. What’s more, today, our fantasy is a never-ending reality; an undeniable biological system that has thrived more than 9-sections of land of land.

Roosted on a rich slope, in the midst of a scope of confined slopes, the Heritage Resort Coorg is an entryway to your getaway. This curious retreat is one-of-its-sort and gloats of a segregated area in the remotest corners of Madikeri. Open this heaven and tune into the instrumental hints of nature. Allow the foggy mornings to coax you to a vivacious launch. Hear the murmurs of the breeze as they quiet away your concerns. Absorb the dusk as it colors the sky with tones of blood red. Overwhelm yourself into the stunning excellence of the land. Gain from the lowering exercises that the all encompassing perspectives enrich you with.

We guarantee that consistently spent here would be a spirit realigning experience.


Grand Cottage

These extensive bungalows accompany a patio that is ideal to see the value in every one of those grand scenes. The blustery inside mean you’re in for a comfortable stay while having the option to dive into the all encompassing enchantment of the outside. This is a praiseworthy convenience for those on a tight spending plan!

Predominant Cottage

Appreciate a breezy bungalow in the lap of nature, settled comfortably in the rich green field. The pass on gallery makes for an ideal tea spot with your number one canap├ęs and an astounding perspective. Blustery days add to the separated insight, making it the ideal safehouse with loved ones.

Suite Cottage

Thrive with your own private overhang, and drench into a low-decibel issue with earth. The suite bungalow finds some kind of harmony between exceptional view and quality. Youthful couples will discover this to be an impeccable alternative to set up.

Suite with Garden View

A genuine rich involvement with each feeling of the word, this suite takes it up a score with a stunning perspective that faces the nursery. The carefully curated room and living space, loaded with outstanding conveniences enhance your visit. Ideal for families or honeymooners.

One-Bedroom Villa

It is anything but an appropriate get-away, if it’s not jumbo. The one-room estate is an endeavor to give you a uber occasion like inclination with a huge room and a living space nearby it. What’s more is that you are ensured to feel comfortable with a pass on that draws from the cloudy sorcery of the ignoring vistas.

Dubare Elephant Camp

The most astute of the collective of animals – the elephants are delicate animals who are not half as scary as they look. Be up and close, feed or wash these tuskers or simply watch them as they skip around in the stream. Grown-ups and youngsters are ensured to feel associated with these delicate monsters and the astounding magnificence for what it’s worth.

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