By | October 11, 2021

1 – Automatic watering


An automatic watering system will allow you to program the time and duration of your watering. In this way, you will be able to optimally manage your irrigation work in Dubai and your water consumption. To set up automatic watering, you will need several tools and accessories. In fact, you will need a conventional sprinkler system consisting of pipes and various fittings. You will first need to install this classic sprinkler system to which you will add a sprinkler timer.


Depending on the model chosen, you can manage different parameters of your watering: schedule, flow rate, type of watering. The most advanced models will even allow you to manage the watering of several zones independently. This is the case with the Gardena 4030 watering timer, which will allow you to optimize your watering as much as possible.




2 – underground watering


Buried watering is often recommended for large areas. If you have a simple vegetable garden, there is no need to plan such a system which requires substantial work. The Debonix blog even advises this type of system when creating a garden, it will avoid having to destroy what is already existing in your garden. The advantage of this type of system is that it is completely invisible. Coupled with a watering programmer, you will no longer have to do anything, your system will be completely autonomous. There are several steps to follow for the installation of your underground sprinkler. We recommend that you first draw up the plan of your garden and its installation. Then choose the type of sprinkler you will need: fixed or rotating depending on the surface you will need to water.




3 – The drip


The drip irrigation system is a very efficient and water-efficient system. Be careful, however, this type of watering system is not recommended for all types of plantings. It will be suitable for example very well for hedges, vegetable gardens or flower beds. Thanks to its low flow, it will allow you to water very localized areas, thus optimizing its watering and the growth of its plants.


To install a drip system, also called a micro-irrigation system, you will need a dripping pipe made up of a multitude of holes spaced evenly along your pipe and each discharging a low flow of the order of 1 to 3 liters of water per hour. You can also opt for a Gardena micro-irrigation starter kit consisting of pipes, fittings, and different drip.




4 – Surface watering


If you just want to install a complete sprinkler system, then you can turn to surface sprinkler. It will allow you to quickly and easily route water all around your garden. For this, many accessories are at your disposal:


You will necessarily need pipes and fittings to create your sprinkler network

You can then connect many sprinklers such as the Aquacomfort Gardena surface sprinkler, which will allow you to water up to 350 m² of land.

Be careful when you mow! Special attention should be paid to pipes and other fittings so as not to damage them with the blades.




Pumps and water collectors

Pumps and water collectors will allow you to water your garden more cheaply and more responsibly since you will use rainwater. Usually, the water collector is connected to the gutters in your house to collect rainwater that has fallen on your roof. The Debonix blog recommends the EDA Plastique water collector with a capacity of 1000 liters and made in France.


The pump will allow you to transport the water from your recuperator to the desired location. You will have to choose your model according to the flow you want and the distance you have to travel.




Now you can choose the sprinkler system that’s right for you. Whether you are planning a big job or not, there is always one type of watering for your garden.

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