Four Points On How Lighting Effects Interior Decor Ideas

by lokesh kumar

There are many tools with which you can design interiors and one of them being the scheme of lighting. Honestly, people do not put that much importance to lighting especially since it has the potential to transform a space and often tend to get overlooked. Good lighting can turn your house into a home and can reflect your personality. Here four points in terms of how good lighting affects your interior decor ideas.

  1. Illusion of space – Both natural as well as artificial lighting affect the illusion of space in a house or apartment. Rooms that are brightly lit tend to feel larger and the reverse happens with a dark room. A room that has not enough lighting along with the close proximity of furniture can make it worse. Your lighting can be sufficient through curtains or sheer drapes that can allow maximum natural light. In case natural lighting is insufficient in the room, try to create an illusion of a bigger space with centrally hanging lights, corner lamps and wall scones.

  1. Tone of the lighting and atmosphere – Interior decor ideas in terms of good lighting helps in creating a positive environment or atmosphere in a room. Different rooms require different lighting. The key is to understand what the purpose of that particular room is. For instance, if it is a study room, you will require task lighting. If it is the laundry, you will require glare free compact fluorescent. If it is a living, dining or an open flare kitchen, you will require different circuits of light so that the depth and texture of each space brought out.

  1. Shadow and reflection – Light, shade and reflection are the essential part of any lighting scheme in interior decor ideas. Wherever the source of the light is located in the room will determine where the shadow falls. Without shadow lighting, you cannot achieve the texture, variation or atmosphere of the room.

  1. Focal points – In any of the room in a house, the brightest point will always tend to draw attention. A spot that has been recessed correctly will always bring out the mirror or art decor. If recess is not available, you can always use two plugs in compact uplights to manage a floor base that is made to create a focal point such as the fire place.

You need to accept that the lighting in your house is as important as any home decor ideas or canvas prints at Canvas Art Factory . Be it the structure of the house or the interior, no matter how sophisticated it is, you need to light it well. It does make a difference in terms of how your home looks and feel, all, courtesy proper lighting. Find something that falls within your budget and enhance the appeal like water color of your home.

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