Financing for university studies in Spain and abroad

By | June 5, 2021

Variable rate personal loan intended to finance studies in both Spanish and foreign universities, Master’s or doctoral studies.
It also allows the financing of Research Projects as well as expenses related to studies including maintenance and mobility.
The expenses caused by mobility or exchange programs can also be financed through this product.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at university students, workforce from Spanish Universities (PDI · PAS), both public and private, and Young University Graduates up to 31 years of age.


  • Studies
  • University Enrollments from Spanish and Foreign Universities
  • Master / Postgraduate Enrollments in Spanish and Foreign Universities or Business Schools
  • Doctoral Studies in Spanish and Foreign Universities
  • Research projects
  • Expenses related to studies or research
  • Computer equipment: computer, tablet …
  • Teaching materials
  • Language / computer courses
  • Maintenance and mobility:
  • Rental and student residence
  • Electricity, water, telephone, gas
  • Travel pass
  • Driving school course
  • Transportation / transfer expenses abroad
  • Expenses related to student and teacher mobility or exchange programs: Erasmus, Seneca, etc.


  • Annual nominal interest rate: 3.52% (eur12m + 4% Euribor published in May 2021: -0.484%).
  • VARIABLE APR: 4.83% 1 .
  • Up to € 60,000.
  • Term of up to 84 months.
  • Monthly interest settlement.
  • Amortization: monthly.
  • Opening commission 3% (funded).
  • Early cancellation 0%.
  • Study expenses (GHG): 0%.

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