Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Hair Systems

By | February 11, 2021

Men are very sensitive about their hair as it constitutes a major aspect of their personality. As they start losing hair, they also start losing a bit of confidence. They feel they are looking older and less charming. They do not wish to reveal this particular shortcoming to the world and could become withdrawn. Why should anyone know about it when there are solutions available to continue being your old self?

There are several treatments available to stop hair fall and even to recover your hair surgically. If these are not your cup of tea and you are looking for simpler and more effective solutions, you can choose a hairstyle from the many mens hair systems available. You can continue to look your old charming self and no one would ever know. You can also try out a variety of looks with the latter option.

What Is a Hair System?

A hair system uses human or synthetic hair to create a head of hair to fit an individual’s requirements. The hair is woven onto a base made of a variety of materials, a common one being lace. This system is then fixed to the individual’s head using a tape or adhesive. These are safe to use and look like natural hair.

Components of a Hair System

The Base: The base used for the system could be a mesh made of polyester or nylon. The other option of a polymer base is made of silicone and looks like skin. The former is more comfortable and looks more natural but is not very durable. The latter on the other hand is durable and easy to fix. The polymer base is cheaper and needs to be changed less frequently.

The Hair: The hair could be natural or synthetic and is customised to match the desired look. The hair provided to you in the system is the same as yours in terms of curly, straight or wavy.  It also takes care to match it on colour, texture and density of the original hair.

Maintenance of a Hair System

Men’s hair systems need as much care and maintenance as your natural hair. Apart from the materials used, the life of the system depends on how well you care for it. Using some precautions can extend its life:

  • Avoid extra heat and harsh chemicals
  • Stain minimises friction when sleeping
  • Use conditioners for better results, avoid alcohol-based products
  • Don’t shampoo often
  • Don’t brush hard or when wet

Restrictions When Using a Hair System

There are absolutely no restrictions on what you can do. If the hair system is of good quality and is fixed using proper adhesive materials, you can continue with your life as usual.

Getting a hair system is a good choice as it mimics the natural hair, can be customised to look just like your natural hair. They can even be coloured and styled for different looks. This is a feel-good and safe method for coping with hair loss. The method is also pocket friendly in spite of the fact that it will need to be replaced at regular intervals.

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