DIY Garden Disinfestation From Pest

By | November 25, 2021

Trying to implement a natural Pest Control in Dubai seems difficult to implement without chemicals.


However, there are several natural ways to significantly reduce the presence of pests.


A very useful and functional way is the so-called biological pest control using the “good” insects to control the “bad” insects.


This is truly an eco-friendly solution, requiring zero chemicals and harnessing mother nature to do most of the work for you.




Through these methods in your garden, you will provide a safe haven for the insects that benefit your garden by reducing the population of insects that destroy it.


These methods are 100% safe for your garden and are not harmful to animals if you have outdoor pets such as dogs or cats.


 Pest Control Services in Dubai


Pest Control in Dubai



Attracting beneficial insects



Basically, instead of using pesticides and chemicals, you can use good insects to have a healthy garden.


There are in fact different types of insects such as ladybugs and ground beetles that act as a safety shield in the garden, looking for bad insects in your garden such as cabbage worms, sheaves and aphids to feed on.


Natural predators will eliminate nasty insects and permanently settle in your garden making it their natural habitat.


The key to making this happen is to make the garden comfortable for good insects by including plants like zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers.


This way you will offer shelter and guaranteed food for your brutal team.


Just make them happy and they will pay you back by looking for all kinds of bad bugs to exterminate them.


It is recommended to plant around 5-10% insecticide plants to attract beneficial insects to your garden.




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