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When you think about the arrangement around your swimming pool, start from the ground, then gain the heights, in search of shade before falling back on your feet, to plant and furnish. Our advice step by step!

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Cover the floor


The arrangement around a swimming pool begins with the choice of the flooring, among the following options:


Natural stone comes in many colors and will seduce you with its easy maintenance, since you just need to brush it during the change of season. When reconstituted, it offers the advantage of being slip resistant.


Composite wood is rot-proof, resistant to chlorine and insects. It is ideal for creating a spa area with a jacuzzi.


The imitation wood, concrete or stone tiles, easy to install and to clean, must be non-slip to offer maximum comfort.


wood floor covering swimming pool

shading pergola swimming pool


Create shadow corners


The layout around a swimming pool must provide shaded areas, so that you can enjoy the beach even during the strongest hours of sunshine:


Have a pergola built at the edge of the pond. You can also opt for an arbor, which can be dismantled or moved according to your wishes or the weather conditions.


To protect swimmers from the sun, you can also top a small inflatable pool (or part of a larger in-ground pool) with a deported parasol or shade sail, attached above the pool.




Think about the vegetation

To make your swimming area a real natural haven, include some gardening work in your landscaping plans around the pool:


Plants are bushy enough to form, in the medium term, a protective hedge around the basin: hydrangea beds, shrub roses, buddleias .


Do you prefer an exotic atmosphere? Bet on palm trees, as long as you choose a variety capable of withstanding winter frosts, such as Chinese palm. Supplement with bamboo, which grows quickly and requires little care.


Avoid honey plants, which sooner or later will lose their petals. Instead, favor perennial or lavender beds.


Choose the furnishings


The layout around a swimming pool also includes furniture, chosen for the comfort of its users and for their ability to blend into the surroundings:


Sun loungers or deckchairs, in navy blue or striped canvas for the seaside spirit; as an alternative, hammocks suspended flush with the waves.


Garden furniture in wood or rattan to match the terrace.


To illuminate evenings by the water, lanterns hung here and there from tree branches and pergola pillars.


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