Clothes online: how to guess the size in the online store?

By | March 18, 2021


Online shopping has a lot of advantages: affordable price, huge selection, 24/7 availability and convenient service. You don’t need to spend half a day at the mall. You can order new clothes for yourself, your husband, your child while sitting at work, on public transport, relaxing in a cafe – wherever and whenever you want. At the same time, many do not dare to buy clothes online, fearing to choose new clothes without trying on.

In fact, it is more difficult to miscalculate the size when ordering on the Internet than if you put on a thing in a narrow stuffy fitting room. And now you will convinced of this.


Fitting is not a guarantee of a successful purchase. Perhaps, this happened to every fashionista: in the store, the item sat perfectly, but at home it turned out that the sleeves were short and the back was puffed up with ugly folds. It’s all about the haste with which new items selected in offline outlets. Plus, consultants want to sell, praising a thing – it’s hard not to give in.

Another thing is to buy new clothes online. Nobody rushes, you can be as objective as possible, choosing long and carefully, comparing, analyzing. Knowing how to determine the size of clothes, you will definitely not go wrong with your purchase. Here’s how to do it.

Not only for online shopping shiza hassan saree, but also when buying things in regular stores, you need to know your own parameters. And for this you need to measure yourself with a centimeter tape, as is done in sewing ateliers.

 There are 2 approaches.

  1. Take body measurements. It is advisable to do this in underwear or thin clothing in order to obtain the most accurate readings. If you choose outerwear, measure the figure with the same layer of clothing that you will wear under a jacket or coat.
  2. Measure clothes. It’s a shame when your favorite thing worn out. How do you find the perfect replacement? We go to the huge IssaPlus catalog and easily find a similar model. It remains only to carefully measure your favorite clothes and correlate them with the indicators of the product on the site.
  3. The best part is that when buying on the Internet you don’t have to be cunning and try to fit into a smaller size. No one but you will know which letter is indicated on the label: M, L or XXL. You can feel free to choose the right size item that fits perfectly.
  4. Now it is clear how to find out your size for a dress, skirt, jacket, etc. We figured out how to take measurements. Can you go to choose fashionable shirts for women and spectacular trousers? Do not hurry. It remains to figure out how to correctly measure your parameters and which ones.


First of all, the list of indicators depends on the type of clothing. If these are dresses for girls , sundresses, robes, you will need:

  • waist circumference;
  • chest girth;
  • hip girth;
  • length of the product;
  • the length of the sleeve.
  • For trousers, breeches and capris, the length of the inner seam added to the parameter list. Looking for stylish tracksuits or other sets? Measure the length of the top and bottom separately. In “Issa Plus” for each item there is a detailed diagram-instruction on the correct taking of measurements.
  • It is important to consider the degree of elasticity of the fabric. If a spandex thing can be easily stretched over several sizes, then a dense cotton will not increase even by a centimeter. You can find out the degree of elasticity of the material by its composition. In good online stores, this figure is indicated.
  • The measurements obtained must be correlated with the dimensional grid. This way you can easily choose the right size. What is a dimensional grid? This is a table of the available sizes of things and the corresponding measurements in centimeters. As a rule, the grid contains Ukrainian numeric and European letter designations.


Each thing has its own rules. Let’s consider them.

  1. Tight elastic clothing often “bounces” a few centimeters. Take this into account when determining the length of the product.
  2. It is better to take dense upper things with a small margin of size. This applies to jackets, jackets, jackets, raincoats and coats.
  3. If the item does not stretch, always focus on the maximum measurement rate. For example, if the model fits the waist, but the chest lacks a couple of centimeters, it is better to take a larger size.
  4. Oversized models are already indicated taking into account the style. You need to choose your size. If necessary, you can check the real measurements of the thing in the photo with the model parameters, this information is usually indicated on the website in the product description.

And don’t forget: although a sales assistant isn’t on the heels of an online boutique, you can always ask for help. Friendly support operators are happy to answer any questions.

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