Bamboo Pillow Buyer’s Guide

by nobledavid

Hearing the word “bamboo” is like hearing the word “organic”: you assume that’s the entire story. But when it involves choosing the simplest bamboo pillow, there’s tons more to understand. Here are the inquiries to ask before choosing the proper bamboo pillow for you.

What’s the share of Bamboo within the Pillow?

Many pillows marketed as bamboo actually include other materials. There’s an honest reason: while 100% organic textiles may require special cleaning and won’t necessarily repel dust mites or allergens, some new-generation polyesters will do both.

Manufacturers will therefore often develop a mix of the 2 so as to deliver the simplest of both worlds. We do recommend an inexpensive percentage of bamboo within the pillow. search for a minimum of 35% bamboo so as to urge the advantages of “going organic.”

How is that the Bamboo Pillow Manufactured?

All the natural materials within the world won’t necessarily overcome bad manufacturing processes. search for a pillow that was made under OEKO-TEX standards or is CertiPUR-US certified. Both hold chemicals utilized in manufacturing also because the final product to high non-toxicity standards.

What is the Memory Foam Made Of?

Some memory foam is of course derived. On the opposite hand, some bamboo pillows actually only use bamboo within the pillowcase cover.

Verified reviews seem to point out that both have benefits. this may generally be an issue of preference instead of health.

The one exception is Latex or other potentially dangerous rubber, latex, etc. materials. These can cause reactions in some people. A Latex allergy can actually be fatal, so if you’ve got a known reaction, be 100% sure you’re buying a bamboo pillow that’s freed from materials that are bad for your own health.

How Many Pillows accompany Your Purchase?

When our team investigated pricing, they found that some pillows came as one purchase. Others were a group, and often, a tremendous savings for purchasing 2 or more.

If you’re interested in one bamboo pillow’s price and think subsequent may be a bit too high for your budget, double-check. fairly often, the bumped pricing is predicated on purchasing a group and can actually end in a lower cost per pillow.

How Easy is that the Bamboo Pillow to worry for?

This is actually an enormous factor. Don’t discount it. While the thought of cleaning of hang-drying might not appear to be an enormous deal immediately, doing it weekly or twice every week (or more) could become prohibitive.

Many high-bamboo content pillows need cleaning or other non–– “wash and go” methods. What you would like to form sure of is that the pillowcase is washable. Frequently changing the case will keep the pillow cleaner, too, reducing the number of times you would like to specialty clean.


What Do Real Customers need to Say?

We always believe verified customer reviews as a part of our research process. you ought to , too.

Manufacturers present their products within the best light. Customers, on the opposite hand, will speak abreast of both the great and therefore the not-so-great. confirm you read through reviews to make certain they’re not reimbursed, “YouTube influencer” or other potentially sanitized statements.


Bamboo may be a great choice when it involves pillows. It’s a standard material, it’s breathable, and it are often woven with other textiles for a soft, cozy sleeping experience.

It also works well with various sorts of memory foam. meaning you’ll find an excellent pillow that’s supportive and reduces back and neck strain.

Remember: always do your homework! We’ve gotten you started with the best bamboo pillow above. Things can change, so give reviews a once-over when you’re able to purchase.

If you absolutely love your bamboo pillow, remember to urge a backup set. you’ll also invest during a bamboo pillow for travel. Combined with the right filling, you’ll experience your best sleep ever.

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