Are you considering buying a vintage engagement ring?

Vintage engagement rings are the perfect significance to symbolize classic and passionate romance for your timeless bride-to-be. They have an elegance which represents regality and a little retro style because of its antiquity and artistic designs. The vintage engagement rings show the craftsmanship of 1800s or 1900s and reflect the creativity and brilliance of the designers. There are many collections of authentic or stylish look of vintage Edwardian, Art Deco and Victorian engagement ring you can present to your partner which she would treasure and adore for many years to come since it is long-lasting and one of a kind. Here are some things you must consider before rushing to any jewellery store to make the purchase.

Identify her preferences 

This is the most crucial and driving momentum before setting out to buy the ring. Vintage rings come in various styles and shapes. Therefore decide on the style which would look flattering on her finger. Determine which look of the band would be most suitable for her finger, skinny or wideband; what stone size would match her style. Opals, pearls, diamonds and gemstones are much preferred for engagement rings. The stones in Vintage’s engagement rings were hand-cut and were not accustomed to having precise, brilliant cuts which are fascinating to the modern eyes. Ensure which cut she would prefer in her vintage engagement ring or you can consider silicon rubber affordable rings for wedding and engagement

Know the history behind the vintage engagement ring

To take good care of the vintage engagement ring, you should gather information about how often it can be used to not get it damaged and which ring is called what. In past times jewellers used to use foils behind the diamond so the stone can reflect more. If you use water frequently on it, the foil might get damaged, resulting in the stone darkening.

Band preference

Gold and platinum metals are the most sought-after material for vintage engagement ring band. They are soft and durable and were majorly used in Georgian and Victorian jewellery.

Secure your papers for future need

You must secure your certification of the vintage ring. Since they are hard to replace, by any chance you miss the stone or damaged the band. You can confirm that you had the ring and can replace the damage within the fair price if you have the papers with you.

Set your Budget

You can find many reliable and reputed jewellery shops who are more than capable of creating new vintage-inspired rings as per your choice of design since the vintage engagement rings come in a wide range of unique and dainty designs, it is important to be familiar with the 4Cs diamond or other gemstones. Sure Vintage engagement rings are expensive, but their budget varies as per the metal of the ring  like tungsten carbide  and  or stone you add. Decide on your budget’s price range before choosing what to buy.

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