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8 Best Educational Apps of 2021

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, studying online is now the need of the hour for students around the world. As a result, many learning apps have come into the limelight. According to a study, in the first quarter of 2020 alone, the Apple App Store saw as many as 470 million educational apps downloaded. On the other hand, a staggering 466 million such apps were downloaded via the Google Play Store as well.

Educational apps are highly interactive and come with unique features to make learning fun and enjoyable. Many of these apps utilize the potential of learning games to further boost children’s interest in them. Read this blog to find out about the best of these apps!

Khan Academy

Without a shadow of a doubt, Khan Academy is the go-to app for students of all ages. Furthermore, it is also available on the web. From science and engineering to arts and humanities, Khan Academy covers all types of subjects! Furthermore, one key offering from Khan Academy is the availability of online courses in many languages. As a result, the app enjoys a global following from teachers and students alike. The app features quizzes as well. This aids in judging the progress of a student. “Khan Academy Kids” aids in educating children from the age of two to seven years old. Make sure to check their app as well. It comes with interactive books, songs, games, and videos. It is important for you to have a good internet to use Khan Academy. Subscribe to a good deal from a reliable ISP. I personally used to stream their YouTube videos on my double play package from the Spectrum deals. The quality used to be just fine.

Busy Shapes

This app follows the Montessori method of learning and enables children to learn while being creative. The features of the app allow children to use their reasoning and logic to understand how objects relate to one another. As it’s a game-based app, kids have to drag an object into a hole that matches its shape. Once they do this correctly, a new object appears.

The game also invokes the intuitive nature of children. This is because there are no instructions and kids have to utilize their logic to place objects correctly.

ABCmouse is more than just an app. Designed for preschoolers, it comes with a curriculum designed to boost the learning capabilities of kids. With hundreds of fun games and activities related to math, science, and more, ABCmouse is accessible on both the web and mobile.

Using the app, you can get your child ready for elementary school. Furthermore, the app also records their learning progress! ABCmouse is a great app to see how well your child is progressing, however, be mindful of the in-app purchases! Rest, you’re good to go!


Prodigy is a math-based video game ideal for kids between grades one to eight. Designed to test their knowledge, children can earn “spells” by answering correctly. Then, they can move from one difficulty level to the next one. This is synonymous with the “fantasy” worlds in the game.

You can avail significant discount if you go for an annual subscription. Do note, however, that this learning-based game comes with in-app purchases. Manage your child’s activity in order to moderate the in-app purchases.


Hopscotch is a great app if you want your child to develop an interest in coding. It is ideal for children belonging to the 10 to 16 age group. Built like Scratch, it induces a learning interest aimed towards coding and software development. Do note that the app operates only on Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPads). The app is for free with the exception of a few in-app purchases.

Using Hopscotch, your kid can create their own programs by playing around with certain commands. They can also build their own characters and share their work with the Hopscotch community. After posting it, members of the community can comment on the work and suggest improvements.

This app inculcates a sense of responsibility in children. It is a great way for children to develop a taste in coding and getting an insight into the world of programming.

All of these apps are great and work well in developing the learning capabilities of children. Do note that you require a stable internet connection for them to work. So make sure to subscribe to a good Wi-Fi plan such as Spectrum WiFi plans so that your children can browse securely on their hand-held devices. And who says that you can’t play along with them! Sit down with your kid and have a learning challenge!

Have fun while learning together!

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