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What is the name of a good preschool in Bangalore?

The pressure and guilt of leaving your child in the care of someone else are overwhelming, whether or not you are a first-time parent. We all want to hold on to our kids for as long as possible. When it comes to preschool enrolment, there is a lot to consider. Admittedly, there is more to… Read More »

Scholarship exam for school and college students with a cash scholarship and many other benefits

Scholarships help students to access quality education without facing any financial constraints. Over the years, education has become expensive, and accessing higher education has become nearly impossible and unaffordable for students from economically weaker backgrounds. Various government institutions and top private schools offer numerous scholarships to deserving students to ensure that students can complete their… Read More »

What are the salient differences between Montessori schools and other schools

Montessori schools are a step ahead of other schools because they use award-winning programmes based on the reputed Montessori approach. They use the best practices of pre-school education and provide pre-schoolers with a strong foundation as they begin their learning journey and student life. Montessori schools are known to be the epitome of revolutionary, outstanding… Read More »